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World's Tallest, Longest And Fastest Rollercoaster To Open This Spring

Adrenaline junkies listen up: the world's fastest, tallest and longest 'dive' rollercoaster is set to open in April this year.

Canada's Wonderland theme park in Toronto will be home to the so-called Yukon Striker.


The record-breaking coaster, which will become the steepest in Canada, was designed by Swiss-based 'coaster giants Bolliger & Mabillard.

You might not have heard of them, but the company is responsible more than 100 classic and cult rollercoasters around the world, including Alton Tower's Nemesis and Thorpe Park's Swarm.

Credit: Youtube/Canada's Wonderland
Credit: Youtube/Canada's Wonderland

Yukon Striker is a 'dive' ride. In other words: guests are brought to the edge of a near-90° drop as part of the experience (just like Oblivion).

At its highest, the 'coaster measures 245 feet from the ground with passengers reaching those dizzying heights before plunging along underground tracks on the ride (again, just like Oblivion).

If you're not sure what a ride like this would be like, you can preview the experience in a POV video that the ride's designers recently released (although we're sure nothing will compare to riding the real deal).


It's also the fastest dive coaster, reaching speeds of up to 80mph (though not the fastest overall) and also features the first 360° loop on a dive coaster.

Credit: Youtube/Canada's Wonderland
Credit: Youtube/Canada's Wonderland

It's also the longest, measuring 1,105 metres in length, but when you're going at those speeds it'll be over in no time.

The floor-less ride will be able to hold 24 riders in three rows per circuit.

The 'coaster is part of Wonderland's new Frontier Canada area and is themed around lumberjacks and gold miners in the 1800s. Flannel shirts, optional.

Roller-coaster enthusiasts who want to try the ride for themselves as well as the 16 other coasters in the park can buy an any-day ticket for just $39.99 (£30) online - but you'll have to stump up an airfare too.

Canada's Wonderland is the oldest and largest theme park in the country, having originally opened in 1981, with more than 25 million guests last year.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Canada's Wonderland

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