Sex Addicts 'Could Get Treatment On The NHS' As It's Classed As Mental Illness

Sex addiction has been recognised as a mental illness by the World Health Organisation, and people sufffering could get treatment on the NHS.

Health experts at the organisation have said that people who have suffered from sex addiction for six months and more, and experience emotional distress because of it should be able to get medical treatment.

As Metro points out, this means that sex addicts might be able to get treatment funded on the NHS.

This decision to class sex addiction as a mental illness comes very shortly after video game addiction received the same classification by the organisation, sparkling controversy.

Around four per cent of people in the UK are believed to be sex addicts, but unlike the World Health Organisation, the NHS doesn't currently recognise it in the same way.

But the WHO's change in stance could mean that the NHS could follow suit when reviewing rules on who can and who can't get mental health care.

So what actually is sex addiction?

Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

The term is actually used to describe any sexual behaviour that feels 'out of control', says Relate.

It is the dependency on sex to 'numb out negative emotions and difficult experiences', and most sex addicts struggle to stop or limit their behaviour. It is hard for others to understand the issue, but you shouldn't be ashamed about it.

Sex addiction can have devastating impacts on relationships and marriages for all people involved.

However, for some people it doesn't have much of an effect on their day to day lives.

You can find out more about sex addiction on Relate's website here.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images/Pexels

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