I've been putting make-up on my face every day of my life since 2006 and, let me tell you something, I'm still hopeless at it.

No matter how hard I try to perfect my winged eye liner or attempt to give myself a smoky eye, I always just end up looking like I've gone eight rounds with Mike Tyson.


Which is why I have so much admiration for those who are so good at it.

I like to keep my own make-up pretty minimal day-to-day, mainly because 1) I'm lazy and always choose to ignore my first 14 alarms in the morning and 2) because, as I said, I'm not that great at it.

However, I'm always completely in awe of people who can pull off killer looks on the reg. Make-up artistry is a real skill and it the amount of talent some people have blows my mind.

Like Kerry Whittaker, for example.She uploaded these selfies in a post yesterday and it quickly went viral.


Credit: Kerry Whittaker.

However, it wasn't because she'd pulled off some of the dewiest skin and killer cut creases we've ever seen, it was because she'd experienced some unkind behaviour over her striking look at Asda, where she works on the checkouts.

Here's what she said:

Why are girls so nasty????
So I'm sat in work today minding my own, and I over hear a woman talking to what I presume is her 14 yr old daughter and they're sniggering laughing saying "have you seen the state on that? Who comes to work to sit on a checkout looking like that.. don't know who she thinks she is"
1st of all Why would you find that acceptable? I'm not harming nobody. Would you say the same about a girl who has problems with her skin and spots on her face. I doubt it.
2nd Why don't you lead by example to your daughter about empowering other women rather than tearing them down. In this society the last thing we need to be doing to each other as humans is judging people based on looks.
3rd When you can do a cut crease as sick as this then come back to me and tell me I look like sh*t.
Girl Bye
P.S extra photos of my super fleeky look (sic).

Oh snap! You tell 'em, girl.

Seriously, what is wrong with some people? Did your mama never teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it? Dramatic make-up isn't for everyone but, guess what, she didn't put it on her face for everyone. She did it for herself because I'm guessing that's how she feels comfortable and she's also crazy talented so wants to show off her sick skills.

If you ever need any faces to practice on, Kerry, I'm your girl!

Featured Image Credit: Kerry Whittaker

Sian Broderick

Sian is the Junior Editor of Pretty52. She loves crap telly, anything leopard print and never leaves the house without her gold hoops.

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