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Woman Charges 'Cheating' Ex-Boyfriend £100 To Talk To Her

A woman charged her 'cheating' ex-boyfriend £100 to talk to her, and she claims he actually paid the fee.

Twitter user Toni Osborne shared screenshots of the conversation with her ex-beau, who she alleged had 'cheated' and 'dumped' her three years before.

She also posted a snapshot of bank transfer on her Twitter account, seemingly confirming that he'd coughed up the 'compensation'.


Credit: Twitter/Toni Osborne
Credit: Twitter/Toni Osborne

The 19-year-old captioned the pictures: "I told my ex £100 to reply to him and he actually sent it."

And the tweet quickly went viral, receiving over 32,000 likes in just a couple of days.

She demanded £100 from her ex boyfriend so he could speak to her. Credit: Twitter/Toni Osborne
She demanded £100 from her ex boyfriend so he could speak to her. Credit: Twitter/Toni Osborne

It seemed like Toni's ex was willing to do just about anything to get her to reply to his text messages.

"I'm just saying whatever it takes I'll do it," he wrote.


And Toni told him to send her money so that he could speak to her again.

He replied: "Fine by me," and asked his ex-girlfriend to send over her bank details.

"You've gone quiet," Toni wrote after giving out her sort code and account number.

He answered: "I'm sending."

The post has been retweeted over 3,000 times and social media users were quick to weigh in on the idea.

As the post went viral Toni explained further, writing: "Just so everyone knows this is a lad that cheated, abused and dumped ME over 3 years ago so this is compensation.

Another added: "This has made me giggled, should of [sic] asked for more gal."

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