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Lucy's Law Will Make Puppy Farms Illegal In The UK By 2020

Animal rights campaigners are rejoicing over the news that cruel puppy farms will finally become illegal in the UK by 2020.

Lucy's Law was presented to parliament on Monday after tireless campaigning a bid to give animals "the best possible start in life", said environment secretary Michael Gove.

Named after Lucy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who died in 2016 from poor treatment as a breeding dog on a puppy farm, the ruling is scheduled to come into force on 6th April 2020.


Lucy's Law will ban the sale of both kittens and puppies from third parties, which will ensure buyers are dealing with breeders directly.

It will mean that animals will need to be born and reared in a safe environment with their mother and sold from their birthplace in England.

It's hoped the rules will also deter smugglers, who abuse the Pet Travel Scheme, from bringing puppies and kittens to the UK to sell them on.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

According to the RSPCA, puppy farms breed pets at alarming rates in appalling conditions. The animals are then taken into "normal-looking homes" to sell them on as a cover-up.


In a tweet, Prime Minister Theresa May said: "I'm committed to making the UK the best place in the world for the protection and care of animals. #LucysLaw will end the barbaric practice of rearing puppies and kittens away from their mothers, and ensure they are sold where they are born."

Animal rights campaigners have welcomed news of the bill being presented in parliament on Monday.

Brighton-based vet Marc Abraham, Lucy's Law campaigner and founder of Pup Aid, said: "I'm absolutely thrilled that Lucy's Law is now being laid in Parliament and will come into effect from April 2020.

"Lucy's Law is named after one of the sweetest, bravest dogs I've ever known, and is a fitting tribute to all the victims of the cruel third-party puppy trade, both past and present."

Credit: Unsplash/Jametlene Reskp
Credit: Unsplash/Jametlene Reskp

The RSPCA was "absolutely thrilled" by Lucy's Law, but said it would require enforcement.

Caroline Yates, of cat and dog charity Mayhew, said: "We have long supported the call to ban third party puppy and kitten sales; and we are delighted that such legislation will come into force next year and make a difference to the lives of countless animals.

"This ban is a great step forward in improving animal welfare standards, and together with the tighter licensing laws introduced last October, will result in significantly fewer animals being bred in and passed around harmful or unsuitable environments by unscrupulous breeders and dealers.

"We hope this legislation will also encourage potential pet owners to first think about visiting their local rehoming shelters when searching for a puppy or dog, cat or kitten to adopt into their families."

Campaigners now hope Scotland and Wales will also introduce similar laws to ensure puppy and kitten farms do not relocate.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/Nathalie Spenher

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