Branded Period Pain Relief Tablets Can Cost 15 Times More Than Regular Painkillers

When it comes to period pain, lots of women choose to go for a branded painkiller aimed specifically at tackling period pains and why not?

There are tablets on the shelves that are specifically aimed to combat period pain, so if that's what you're suffering from, why wouldn't you go for a product that is specifically for your period cramps?

Well, it's being claimed that tablets like Feminax Express and Nurofen Express Period Pain are just branded versions of standard ibuprofen.

Credit: Boots
Credit: Boots

A supermarket's own brand of ibuprofen would set you back around 25-40p for 16 tablets, depending on the retailer.

Opting for Feminax Express, however, would cost you a heck of a lot more, coming in at around £4.50 for the same number of tablets.

Credit: Asda
Credit: Asda

Nurofen Express Period Pain doesn't come out much cheaper, still around the £4 mark depending on where you shop.

The active ingredient in these up-market period pain solutions is, of course, ibuprofen.

According to expert Doctor Sarah Jarvis: "Branded painkillers are no better than normal, cheaper ones.

"Some are more rapid working, ibuprofen lysine works more quickly so can be good for toothache and period pains.

"It's probably the difference of it working in 20 minutes or 40 minutes, so about half the time to offer the pain relief."

Speaking to the The Sun, Sarah went on to say that for period pain, an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen is the perfect choice as it will target prostaglandins - the cause of period cramps and pains.


If you rely on pain relief during your time of the month, you might be able to make some fantastic savings by swapping your branded tablets for regular old ibuprofen, without seeing too much of a difference.

Never again will we spend more money than we need to on soothing period pains.

Featured Image Credit: PRETTY52

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