A stray cat has become the prime suspect in an attempted murder case in Japan. A feline felon, if you will.

This is no laughing matter, as an 82-year-old elderly woman, Mayuko Matsumoto was discovered by her daughter in her bed with a total of 20 "severe" cuts to her face.

The woman was bleeding profusely, before she was found on Monday at her home in a mountainous region of southern Japan.

This is not the cat. PA Images

The police have decided to launch an attempted murder investigation due to the severity of the wounds, reports a local Japanese broadcaster RKK.

The daughter of the victim told the broadcaster: "When we found her, blood covered everything above her chin."

"Her face was soaked in blood. I didn't know what had happened," added Mayuko's daughter.

The woman is reportedly bedridden and unable to speak, and had to receive emergency medical attention as soon as she was found.

Neither is this kitty. Credit: PA Images

Police have begun searching for potential suspects, and according to a local newspaper, police think that a feline could be behind the attempted murder.

Local publication Nishinippon Shimbun has revealed that authorities think that the wounds could have been inflicted by a stray cat wandering in the area. They allegedly realised that the wounds looked similar to cat scratches.

Investigators allegedly found no sign of people entering of leaving the home, claimed private network NTV.

Or this kitten. Credit: PA Images

The report also added that police found traces of what could potentially be human blood on one of the strays that was in the elderly woman's home at the time of the crime.

"Police are analysing a blood sample taken from the claw of the cat which might have scratched the victim," reported national broadcaster.

A police spokesman also declined to comment on the case on Friday, but has told AFP that investigators were not disputing the media reports.

And these two aren't suspects either. Credit: PA Images

The case is ongoing.

Featured Image Credit: Top Cat/ABC

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