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Lush Is Opening Its First UK 'Naked' Shop Where Everything Is Packaging And Plastic-Free

Following the success in Berlin and Milan, Lush is opening its first UK 'naked' shop this month.

The natural beauty brand is on a mission to reduce plastic waste, specifically targeting single-use packaging, and will open the doors to Lush Naked in Manchester in a little over a week.

Lush Naked will be on 10 Market Street in Manchester on Friday, 18th January, and absolutely everything inside will be completely free of plastic packaging.


From shampoo and bubble bars to iconic Lush bath bombs and lipsticks, you'll be able to pick up some of the beauty brand's best products while doing your bit for the environment.

Lush initially rolled out the shops in Milan and Berlin, with both stores proving to be a success with environmentally-conscious shoppers.

If you're wondering how Lush will be able to fill a store with just bath bombs, then naked products actually represent almost 50 per cent of the company's core range.

There's body conditioners, solid deodorants, palm oil-free soaps plus more to choose from as well as a number of containers. Shoppers could see the entire collection become plastic-free at some point in the near future, too.


Lush uses smart technology in these new stores called the Lush Lens, so that shoppers can check ingredients in products as no packaging means no labels.

And there's also literature inside the shops to so that customers can understand plastic waste better.

Product inventor Alessandro Commisso said: "With the naked shop we don't just want to offer beautiful products to our customers, we want to use this as an opportunity for discussion. It's pretty much about debating these topics with the public, with the media, and with Lush customers to find out where to go next.

"This is the last step in our twenty year development of naked products, but it's the first step in the development of what Lush could be twenty years from now.

"We've opened this up these spaces for debate, and we're also inviting NGOs and activist groups that work on reducing waste and reducing plastic pollution into the store, so we hope that it'll be an education for us and for our customers."

Co-founder, Mark Constantine, added: "Packaging is rubbish and for too long we had to suffer excessive amounts of it. Now that the true financial and environmental costs are becoming obvious, customers are challenging manufacturer and retailers to cut the wrap."

Here's hoping that other brands will follow in Lush's footsteps, and start stripping back on plastic packaging for good.

Featured Image Credit: Lush

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