'Buttery Skin' Is The Makeup Trend You'll Want To Get On Board With

We're all about lit-from-within-skin - but one glow does not fit all. You might have tried yoga skin and glass skin, but now a new trend is emerging: introducing 'buttery skin'. Hear us out, it isn't as greasy as it might sound.

First spotted on makeup artist, Isabelle de Vries' Instagram feed - it's all about finger-painted skin that glows.

But beware if you're not confident about your complexion - this look is as much about the skincare that precedes the makeup than it is about the base itself. You want the 'butter' to sit on the surface without sinking into your parched, toast-like skin.

Forget milkmaid braids, this is milkmaid skin. Imagine the scene: you've been milking cows and churning butter all day and you've got a slight glow from the exertion.

The look mimics a butter-like slickness (not greasiness) on skin. So don't whip out the Lurpak just yet!

Benefit's Head MUA, Lisa Potter-Dixon, told Pretty52: "Prepping skin is key for this look so work a moisturiser into your skin and leave it a couple of minutes before you apply makeup."

Skin already looking dewier? You're part of the way there.

A spokesperson MUA at Topshop Beauty talked us through the process:

  1. Prep skin with Topshop's Longwear Illuminating Primer allowing it to sit on the skin for a few minutes to hydrate further and create the perfect base for the following products to radiate off.
  2. Choose your perfect foundation shade for your skin and use your fingers to press the liquid formula gently into the skin, allowing the warmth of your fingers to melt the product.
  3. Opt for a concealer two shades lighter than your foundation and using a small, fluffy brush blend it into the high points of your face to give a light and flawless finish
  4. To finish create a glossy eye, pick your shade of eyeshadow and use Topshop's Ultra Gloss as a top coat over the top, as well dab excess gloss onto the high points of your face (not sure where they are? Stand with a light overhead and apply everywhere the light hits). Credit: TOPSHOP
    Credit: TOPSHOP

TOPSHOP Longwear Illuminating Primer 'Out All Night', £14


Topshop Beauty Ultra Gloss 'Glass' £10

Credit: Benefit
Credit: Benefit

Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation, £26

Lisa's top tip is not to apply too much foundation - it's key to be able to see your skin underneath the makeup: "Less is more, so don't overdo it."

Featured Image Credit: Topshop

Amelia Jones

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