Prince William Learnt Dad Hair Tekkers On YouTube - Now Other Dads Are Sharing Theirs

Prince William and Kate might have staff to help with most tasks, but the Duke and Duchess try to be hands-on-parents. In fact, Prince William revealed on a royal trip to Blackpool on Wednesday that he is leaning to do Princess Charlotte's hair via YouTube tutorials. Since then proud dads have joined in and are sharing their own hair-styling successes and failures.

In response dads around the world have been talking about how they take a hands-on approach with their own daughters and how getting stuck in with hair styling and painting nails isn't always easy for them.

But some of the boastful posts did raise a eyebrows from mums, who claim there's nothing special about a man being able to get their little girl ready for school.

The chatter comes after the Duke of Cambridge, 37, told of the "nightmare" of learning to do three-year-old Charlotte's hair by watching YouTube videos.

While on a visit to Blackpool with the Duchess of Cambridge this Wednesday, the second-in-line heir to the throne told a local father: "Never try to do a ponytail. Nightmare."

He added: "I can do a ponytail, but that's about it as I don't have enough hair to practise on."

Other fathers joined in the conversation and admitted similar struggles.

One posted to Twitter: "Our daughter has the curliest hair and won't let us brush it or style it or tie it up without a war."

Some dads had more success, with several sharing photos of their hair-styling triumphs for Thursday's World Book Day.

Some celebrated the men's attempts and efforts to help their daughters get ready for school.

But some pointed out there is no reason why men shouldn't have or share the responsibility of doing daughters' hair.

One said: "No husband of mine will not know know how to do my daughters hair."

While another said: "What's gonna happen when I'm out on a business trip??"

Featured Image Credit: PA, Instagram/Kensington Palace

Amelia Jones

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