People Are Sharing The Most Annoying Thing Their Co-Workers Do

You spend more time with them than your own family. And, although some of them become firm friends, the majority of them f*ck you right off.

The Office US
The Office US

While publicly naming and shaming them for stealing your sandwich or replying to their 'reply all' with a choice few words that might get you fired is tempting - in reality you're more likely to bury it deep down and brew yourself some serious stressed vibes that will probably lead to a migraine/breakout/breakdown (delete as applicable).

NBC/The Office
NBC/The Office

So employees are taking to Twitter to vent their frustration, let off some steam and give us all a bit of a laugh in the meantime. Buckle up. Things are about to get seriously relatable.

1. Just hold it in.

2. Bottle that sh*t up.

3. Push it deep down.

4. Can you feel your eye twitching?

5. Sure you can. That's just what smiling with your eyes feels like.

6. You're only here for eight hours every goddamn day this week.

7. You can handle it.

8. Sure.

9. Retirement can't be too far off.

10. What?! The retirement age is 66?

11. Okay. 40 years...

12. Cool, cool, cool.

13. Everything's fine.

14. Almost home time.

15. Home to eat and sleep and stare into the abyss.

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