​A Petition Has Been Launched To Bring Back Turkey Twizzlers

There's been a petition launched to bring back Turkey Twizzlers in the UK and it has over 23,000 signatures.

The hit school lunch staple was axed from sale in 2005 after Jamie Oliver launched a campaign against them.

They may have only been served once a week and may have only contained 34 per cent turkey but it seems the British public want them back.

Credit: Flickr/rjp
Credit: Flickr/rjp

The petition was launched by Kirsty Rogers on change.organd she is calling for as many signitures as possible.

She wrote: "I used to live off turkey twizzlers. Used to make sure my mum stocked up. But to think my kids will never experience the taste of them makes me want to get this petition as far as possible. So come on, you twizzlers lovers - get signing [sic]."

It is scary to think that the next generation will have never tried one of these culinary delights. They aren't the healthiest of foods but they tasted good.

twizzlers were made up of 40 ingredients, including water, pork fat, rusk, wheat starch, three sweeteners, hardened or hydrogenated vegetable oil and colourings and flavourings. Which explains the 34% turkey content.

Credit: Change.org
Credit: Change.org

Bernard Matthews, who manufactured the treat, was understandably not happy when the decision was made to remove it from school lunches.

At the time, managing director David Joll said: "We have been unfairly treated. Turkey is the least fatty of all meats. The new Twizzlers have only a third the fat level of the average pork sausage, yet you don't hear Jamie Oliver telling people not to eat sausages."

Despite removing the snack from school lunches because he thought they were unhealthy but he was recently criticised when one of his milkshake recipes was Six Times Over A Child's Daily Sugar Allowance.

The Sun reported that there was a milkshake featured on Jamie Oliver's website that could be an example of the very problem he's campaigning against.

With a whopping 46 teaspoons of sugar - the equivalent of 186g - the Cookies and Cream drink contains more than six times the daily sugar allowance for a child.

Served in a chocolate cup, the drink also includes a dozen cookies.

Emma Brown, of Nutracheck.co.uk, said: "These milkshakes are incredibly indulgent, consisting largely of very high sugar and high fat ingredients.

"Most of the sugar comes from added ingredients."

Featured Image Credit: Flickr/rjp (Creative Commons)

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