Woman's Viral Tweet Highlights The Problem With Clothing Sizes

It's no secret that women's clothing sizes are absolute bull, and this woman's viral tweet only highlights this point further. Chloe Martin, 18, from Glasgow, shared a comparison snap of five different pairs of jeans to her Twitter page, all supposedly in a UK size 12.

And, despite the fact some of them are from the *same* high street retailer, the waistband is a completely different size on each.

Credit: Chloe Martin
Credit: Chloe Martin

"Incase you've ever wondered why women get so frustrated with our clothing sizes - every pair of jeans pictured, is a size 12 [sic]," Chloe vented on the social media platform. "And you know what's even funnier, the very bottom pair fit me perfectly, the 2nd pair from the top, are too small, how does that even make sense when the top pair is bigger????"

From top down, Chloe says the jeans are from New Look, Pull & Bear, Bershka, George, Matalan, Bershka (again) and New Look (again).

Each pair is a completely different size, but what's even more frustrating is that it looks like even denim from same brand can be completely different in measurement.

Not only is it disheartening when we don't fit into a size bracket we usually fall into (with that disappointment only created because of the pressures we feel to look a certain way), but it's also pretty inconvenient when it comes to shopping, especially online.

Airing her frustrations, Chloe told Pretty52: "I think that they should either have it all waist and leg length so it's more accurate, or make sure that every size 12 (and every other size) has the same or very similar measurements, because there's no point in even having numbered sizing if it's completely different in every store, we might as well just be guessing."

Chloe's tweet has garnered 78,000 retweets and 187,000 likes (at the time of writing), with other shoppers venting over women's sizing in shops.

Let's just hope retailers will figure out how to keep consistency across their sizes, because it's evident that Chloe isn't alone in her frustrations.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

Rachel Andrews

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