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Vicky Pattison Publicly Apologises For 'Body-Shaming' Michelle McManus

Vicky Pattison has publicly apologised to Michelle McManus for 'body-shaming' the Pop Idol star five years ago in an interview.

Michelle hit out at the reality star on her social media today, shortly after Vicky shared a series of furious posts on being targeted by Instagram trolls herself over her appearance at her sister's wedding over the weekend.

Singer Michelle brought up the old article, in which Vicky said: "There's a Michelle McManus inside of me dying to get out!"


The headline read: "Vicky Pattison gorges on pizza and chips despite her 'constant fear' of gaining weight."

Next to the story, Michelle shared Vicky's recent words on being body-shamed by trolls posted at the weekend in contrast.

Michelle wrote: "Yes @vickypattison because you've never publicly body shamed anyone have you? Oh wait..."

Her post prompted reality star Vicky to apologise for her comments.


Speaking to Mail Online - the publication in which the interview was originally published - Vicky said: "There are a lot of things I did five years ago that I'm not proud of.

"And to be honest, I wouldn't even recognise the girl I was back then."

She added: "I cannot apologise enough if my comments caused upset or hurt. I can guarantee even then it was not my intention, just my ignorance."

Vicky then said that she hoped that Michelle would accept her apology, although the singer had not yet shared a response at the time of writing this article.

Geordie Shore Vicky star found herself being criticised over pictures from her sister's wedding which she posted on Instagram.

Followers took issue with Vicky standing in front of the bride for one snap, claiming that she was 'detracting attention away from her'.

Vicky then shared a rant on Instagram after she woke to a slew of negativity, also adding that she'd been body-shamed over bikini pictures from the nuptials.

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