Meghan Markle Mocked By Trolls For Her Fashion Choices

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, seems to be breaking a lot of the many royal traditions outlined for someone in her position, and it's not gone unnoticed by the public.

The Duchess has legions of adoring fans, but her presence in the spotlight has unfortunately attracted a lot of negative comments as well.

Everything from her posture to the way she poses when sitting has come under fire from her critics, as the royal family are expected to follow strict rules and traditions when it comes to etiquette and presentation.

Always flawlessly dressed, Meghan is known for her elegant fashion choices, but now trolls are dragging the Duchess for her most recent choice of attire.

Credit: PA Images
Credit: PA Images

Stepping out in Dublin, Meghan opted for a grey Roland Mouret dress, but it was her underwear that caused an uproar.

Tweeting about her outfit, one person wrote: "I continue to be baffled by the fact that Meghan has all these beautiful (though slightly boring) bespoke dresses and NONE OF THEM FIT! And in today's we can see her strapless bra."

Another added: "Meghan! With all that $, get a decent bra!"

"I love Kate's entire look but poor Meghan Markle can't seem to get it right," someone was quick to comment. "How much is she wasting on these ill fitting boatneck dresses?

"She really should wear a bra with more padding. Awful headlights!"

Meghan's fans came to her defense though, and during her time in Dublin, she was showered with flowers from the adoring public.

Credit: PA Images
Credit: PA Images

The Duchess of Sussex has also recently been slated for crossing her legs during royal events.

The 'proper' way that a royal lady should sit is with her knees together, whereas Meghan seems to prefer to perch with legs crossed.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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