Losing a family member is especially hard when Christmas rolls around. While everyone else celebrates and has the time of their lives, you can't shake the feeling that someone is missing.

Jade Goody's death was a shock to the nation, and the people who have suffered the most are her two sons, Freddie and Bobby. They were just five and six at the time and their dad Jeff Brazier has worked hard to include his former partner, who passed away from cervical cancer, in their festivities.

At first, he would spoil them with presents, but soon found that it wasn't what they needed.

Christmas is the one day of the year when it's most obvious someone's missing. It had to become less about the presents.
They have everything they could every ask for, yet they're still sitting there upset and arguing. Because they're angry and frustrated.

Now they visit Jade's grave in the morning to leave some flowers and a card.

I take them to the cemetery first thing in the morning. Then we have dealt with this, we go home and can enjoy the day.
They have paid respect to their mum and they don't feel guilty about enjoying the day at home.

He's always worked hard to shield them from the limelight, but is being a little more lenient now they're 12 and 13.

The first thing I did eight years ago was get a privacy ban. That meant there could be no photos of them in any publication, so they could have as normal a childhood as I could give them.
They had the space they needed to grieve as well as they could. As a result they're very normal kids.
I get nervous when they start talking about going on Big Brother like their mum. I try to steer them well out of that.
I explain that their mum and I were both products of reality TV, we were lucky, it was a time when there was a career path to be had.

We wish them all the best for the future, and we're sure Freddie and Bobby will make their mother very proud.

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