Jack Whitehall Quizzed Jesy Nelson About Chris Hughes At The BRIT Awards

Little Mix star, Jesy Nelson, looked like she wanted the ground to swallow her up during the BRIT Awards when host Jack Whitehall quizzed her about her kebab shop French kiss in front of millions of viewers.

The singer visibly squirmed and cringed as comedian, Jack, talked about her very tongue-heavy, post-date kiss with Love Island star, Chris Hughes.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

The couple were pictured locking greasy lips in a south London kebab shop and Jack - in typical dad-joke style - wasn't about to let a mortified Jesy forget it.

Grabbing a perch at their booze-laden table during the awards ceremony, comedian Jack teased: "I love Little Mix though, you girls have a wonderful time at the after party, night clubs, kebab shops or wherever you naughty Little Mixers get up to mischief."

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

Jesy rolled her eyes and giggled when he referred to the saucy incident, while the other girl-band members suppressed laughter.

He then took aim at the group's social-media feud with Good Morning Britain presenter, Piers Morgan.

Piers launched an attack on the band last year for stripping naked for an empowering photoshoot - seemingly missing the message behind it entirely. And Jack's response was savage.

"Piers Morgan. He didn't like that picture where you stripped off naked," Jack began.

"Which is weird because four chins and voluptuous breasts it must have been like looking in the mirror."

"What would you say to that dutty wasteman?" he asked an amused-looking Jesy, who declined to answer.

But viewers loved the clap-back and responded en masse, with one commenting: "@jackwhitehall calling Pier's Morgan a 'dutty wasteman' live on The Brits has quite frankly made my entire year already."

A second said: "That little mix interview was awkward as f*** but the Piers Morgan joke was pretty good #brits"

The girl band performed with Ms Banks which Jack described as 'raunchy' before adding that dad's 'up and down the country would be reaching for scatter cushions'. Graphic.

Credit: PA Images
Credit: PA Images

Over on Twitter their outfits caused a debate. Some criticised the women for their outfits comparing them to 'strippers'.

One said: "What is it with Jesy from Little Mix wearing outfits that nearly show her vagina?"

While another posted: "Little Mix's outfits doing nothing for the feminist movement there."

A third added: "Well done to everyone keeping their clothes on and remembering this is a family show, totally aimed at youngsters. Little Mix just lost a huge following for acting like strippers! Not a role models."

Credit: PA Images
Credit: PA Images

Others pointed out that they are adults and can wear what they like (hear, hear).

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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