Rebekah Vardy has been heavily criticised by viewers of I'm A Celebrity, with some even calling for her to be removed.

Fans of the show claimed that as Jack Maynard was removed from the show due to his social media presence, so should Rebekah as she put up 'homophobic Tweets' in the past.

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One said: "If Jack got removed for something that happened around five years ago then so should Rebekah Vardy."

Another said: "That's not fair at all, can't be one rule for someone and a different rule for another."

The tweets reportedly said: "@MrHarryWood: @Xelahopkins1984 @Little_Miss_Foz what about the 3rd 'bird' the gay walker? @jay_walker25 ginger gay w**ker ha ha PMSL."

And another one said: "Whatsap.....GAY....sort it out grrrr."

However now she's been even more heavily criticised after viewers accused her of 'bullying' fellow campmate, Iain Lee.

One fan wrote: "Which is exactly what Becky Vardy was saying about Iain. They sat in a group and justified to themselves why they were leaving him out. If you don't feel the same, fine, but many, many people do. Becky is, at best, not being pleasant. At worst she's damaging to Iain's health."

Another added: "They are all dispicable the way they are treating him. They are nasty bunch together. That Vardy woman is so evil. I want to hit her. Leave Iain alone. Treat him as one of you."

Rebekah's official Twitter account even got involved with the argument.

One fan wrote: "I hope that @YoungMindsUK reconsider their decision to use @RebekahVardy as an ambassador for mental health after she displayed that insensitive, demeaning attitude towards Iain regarding his anxiety today. #imaceleb".

Rebekah's official account then replied: "I'm sorry you feel that way but she didn't do that. She made it very clear that she had given Iain lots of encouragement and that he had chosen to keep himself away from them. She also told him not to dwell & that it didn't matter when he struggled with his task."

Someone else then added: "@RebekahVardy not realising that @iainlee isolated himself due to the atmosphere created by you and others opposed to his own problems. You are the problem! You are the subtle bully! You are not liked! Bullies dont win! #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity #ImACeleb2017"

Her account then replied: "How is she the problem? She has given Iain encouragement, told him not to worry, not to dwell, to move on. Even he said everyone has encouraged him & he isn't getting low. I don't know how any of those things are 'bullying'?"

Her husband Jamie yesterday stuck up for Rebekah. He said: "Every time the camera's on her it's the exact same face, so it's hard to tell who she is warming to. She's being her normal self - not fake. But Becky's no b*tch. She's the complete opposite, honestly."

However, the WAG has also praised after opening up on I'm A Celebrity regarding her suicide attempt as a teenager.

The 35-year-old star told her fellow celeb camp mates, and viewers at home, about her struggles with mental health, adding that she had tried to commit suicide aged just 14...

Credit: ITV/ I'm A Celebrity

Rebekah, who is married to professional footballer Jamie Vardy, also explained how she suffered from "bad" post-natal depression following the birth of one of her children.

The conversation was prompted after Stanley Johnson asked Iain Lee about his radio show. Rebekah then told her camp mates of her ordeal, after Iain said he'd had "suicidal thoughts in the past".

Following the honest confession, I'm A Celebrity fans rushed to social media to show support for both Rebekah and Iain, and praised them as well as the rest of the stars who are currently living down under for speaking so truthfully on mental health.

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"It was good to see an honest and ordinary conversation about suicidal ideation and a suicide attempt on prime time TV. Well done to them both for their courage to share - it's mental health stigma," wrote one Twitter user.

A second tweeted: "Big respect to & for speaking up about & on tonight's Hopefully break down more barriers for people watching the show. ."

"Hats off to for speaking so openly about her suicide attempt - steps in the right direction !! ," praised a third.

A final added: " Well Done for talking about mental illness suicide and postnatal depression it's not something that people should avoid talking about."

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