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Fans Just Noticed A Huge Mistake In Beyoncé's Crazy In Love Video

When Beyoncé first released 'Crazy In Love' way back in 2003, one of the things that stood out was her outfit in the opening scene of the video.

Yes, we're talking about the white top and denim shorts paired with them red heels - or so we thought, anyway.


15 years on, and a detail has now emerged about that iconic look - and it has seriously shocked fans all over the world.

It turns out her top wasn't plain white at all - it was actually sparkly. SURPRISE.


The shocking truth has come out thanks to some behind the scenes photos from the shoot which were shared on social media to mark the 15th anniversary.

Fans were outraged by the news, and took to Twitter in disbelief, with one person writing: "I should've known Beyoncé wouldn't have worn a plain white tank top."

Another person said: "for fifteen years, i thought that top was white."

A third added: "So you telling me this is why I never found the perfect white tank top like Beyoncé because it was never white !!! Wow I'm looking for it now."

A fourth shocked fan exclaimed: "omg. I based my outfit on having a white top with short."

The camera literally tricked us into believing a lie for 15 years, and we can't quite believe it. But one thing that will never change is the absolute bop that 'Crazy In Love' is.

It reached number one in the UK charts and is her third biggest UK hit after Halo and If I Was a Boy.

Queen B still performs the song at all her big event including her incredible Coachella performance in April.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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