Life hasn't been the same for Kim Kardashian since she was robbed at gun point in Paris, and it seems, understandably, that the event will continue to affect her for some time.

Details of the night have been slowly creeping into the media, but the concierge who was on duty's account of what happened that night really hits home how awful it must have been. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Abdulrahman, who's only going by his first name due to safety fears, explained that he was held at gunpoint and forced to let the thieves into Kim's room.

I went up to the apartment with the robbers. I was tied up in the first minutes, with handcuffs. I was in the room of Kim Kardashian. One was attacking her, the second one was with me. I saw Kim being pulled out of bed.

He recounted how they entered the building, and how he thought they were police officers.

I saw the police uniforms, the hats, also the jackets with reflective badges, like the police have. All perfect. So I came to open it and just when I opened it, they grabbed me and handcuffed me.
In the first seconds, I thought they were policemen making an arrest, I told them, I'm working here, what is wrong? After that he questioned me, where is the security video? At that time, I knew it was a robbery.

Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

He revealed that he tried to throw the robbers off the scent by pretending not to know who she was, but that they grabbed him 'by the scruff of his neck', and that he was forced to open the room with a spare key, fearing for his life.

We got to her bedroom and slid open the door. She was in her bed. Before we opened the door, she heard a noise and began to say, hello? hello? I assume she thought it was her sister. The intonation of her voice changed when there was no answer, I felt she was worried. After that, one of them opened the door. The other one was fastened to me.
He attacked her, holding his gun in her face. She was crying, she was screaming, saying, don't kill me, I have babies, don't kill me, please, I have babies! I'm a mom! Take whatever you want! She seemed terrified. She was wearing a white bathrobe and her hair was tied up.

Abdulrahman did his best to calm the situation down, and ensure Kim's safety. The thieves became frustrated because Kim couldn't speak French.

She was so scared. She was crying and screaming, the men were shouting, and the fact that she couldn't understand made him worse and more upset.
I told them to wait and I put myself in the middle, between the thieves and Kim. I said wait, she can't understand you. Then I played the interpreter of the scene...
I told him, I ask you, don't hurt her. I repeated it. He told me, don't worry, we are here for money. I repeated another time, please don't hurt her. He told me: Keep calm and all will be OK. Don't move or make a sound.

One of the gang kept telling her to shut up. I put my hand on her shoulder and told her to be calm. I said, you have to be silent, you know. She sat down on the bed. She asked me, are we going to die? I said, I don't know, how can I know?
She said, I have family and babies. I told her, me too, I have one son. And she began to scream again. That's why he put the tape on her mouth. A long piece of tape, all the way round her head.

Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

According to Abdulrahman, the culprits only left when Kim's bodyguard called her Blackberry, tying him up behind an emergency door before leaving. Kim's bodyguard arrived minutes later, shortly before the police.

I saw Kim a lot then. When she left, she hugged me and I told her, the most important thing is that we are safe and we are alive. When you are with someone through such an experience, I think there is something linking you, there is some connection. I hope really she is feeling better, but I don't think she is. It was very, very scary. You can't imagine.

He even said that the security code had never been changed, and that many people knew what it was. MailOnline even tried the code on Sunday, and it still unlocks the front door.

I told them years ago that we needed better security. And they didn't care. The code of the door was never changed and everybody knew what it was. I told them after the robbery, look what you did! What have I been telling you for six years? Security cameras are meant for days like today. If you had good guards and electronic systems to lock the doors, it would have been possible to secure the hotel.
We can't imagine what Abdulrahman and Kim went through, but we're glad they're both safe and physically unharmed.

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