Since Wayne Rooney was caught allegedly driving a 'party girl's' car while intoxicated, he and Coleen Rooney have been in talks regarding their marriage.

Yesterday, a source told The Sun that Wayne was 'attempting to deflect the blame' by asking Coleen to make some changes and cut down on the amount of holidays she goes on. In return, he reportedly agreed to stop going out drinking as much.

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However, it looks like Coleen has decided to defy this request by heading off to Dubai during the October half term, reports the Mirror.

She posted this tweet to her followers...

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It reads: "If your [sic] in Dubai this Oct half term sign the kids up for @foorballescapes at @FSDubai - go if you can & follow them for updates and dates".

If Coleen is heading off there with her kids, Wayne won't be joining them as he has three Everton fixtures to play during that time.

A source told the Sun: "Wayne may think Coleen goes away a bit too much, but bearing in mind Coleen takes the kids, I'm not sure Coleen shares his view.

"Ultimately, it's Wayne's decision to go out drinking when Coleen is away, which seems to lead to him getting into scrapes. There is only one person to blame in all this and it isn't Coleen."

Coleen has been abroad ten times this year. Madrid, Majorca, Amsterdam, Portugal, Lake Como, Ibiza, Las Vegas and Mykonos. I'm not too sure what that has to do with anything, but okay.

The source continued: "Col­een's still furious with Wayne and is threatening all sorts. Wayne's just hoping she'll calm down.

"He's told her he is willing to stop going out if that means she will stay with him. But he hasn't totally held back himself.

"He's pointed the finger at Coleen over the number of holidays she takes and she's raised questions about his nights out.

"In the end it'll need some give-and-take on both sides to get everything back to normal."

Another source added that Wayne has already agreed to calm down on his drinking. They said: "Everyone knows what Wayne's like when he's 'on it' and drink has been involved each time he's made a mistake."

The woman at the centre of the 'cheating' scandal, Laura Simpson, has not been quiet regarding the allegations.

Speaking to The Mail Online, Laura revealed that if the pair hadn't have been pulled over by police, they may have "sh*gged*". She also urged Coleen to forgive him for what turned out to be "harmless fun".

Credit: Twitter/Laura Simpson

The mum-of-one claimed: "I can understand [Coleen] being mad with him over the arrest, that was stupid and on reflection he should never have driven my car but he didn't seem to be over the limit.

"But she can't blame him for anything that happened with me because nothing did really although we would have ended up sh*gging, no doubt.

"What we did was only a bit of harmless fun," she added.

Coleen broke her social media silence on Sunday to plea for paps to stop following her around. She tweeted: "Please can photographers have respect and stop following me with my three children in the car.... it's dangerous and I've had enough."

She also tweeted about 'so-called friends', saying: "Would love to meet all these so called friends of mine who know me so well [sic].

She added: "I was being sarcastic towards all these great sources the press have...who I have probably never met in my life! I have the best friends."

Wayne will appear in court on September 18.

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