It's literally the worst when your friends upload pictures of you on social media, only for you to discover your make-up wasn't as flawless as you thought or you actually had something in your teeth ALL DAY. SMH, where all the true friends at? I can't even listen to recordings of myself either. Cringe.


As a celebrity it must be even harder to watch yourself on screen or to see photos of yourself in the media, as you're your own worst critic. Guaranteed if you ever have an off day with your hair and make-up, it's going to be papped.

Chloe Khan, 26, has flown off the handle at her make-up team on Snapchat, after she was left less than impressed by her look when she appeared on This Morning on Thursday.

The star appeared on the show to talk about her botched nose job, but her make-up had to be done in the car on the way to the studios after her team ran a little late.

The glamour model took to Snapchat to vent about her look, claiming that her foundation was ten shades too light, and that her contour was on her jaw, not on her cheekbones. Looks fine to me...

Credit: Instagram/Chloe Khan

Apparently, she was sent some mean DMs following her appearance, so Chloe urged people not to tune into the show to see her by posting a lengthy, typed out message to her Instagram.

Credit: This Morning/ITV

She was so angered, Chloe cancelled all her shoots and appearances for the day, and she's now headed off to Barcelona for some retail therapy to help her relax.

"If we have a shoot or any plans today cancel it. F**k new team and new people. Get me to Barcelona now. Going for retail therapy to sort my head out. Bye humans. Helloo Louis Vuitton," she raged in the post.

Chloe then continued her rant in a series of recordings on her Instagram story.

Credit: The X Factor/ITV

She shut down any fans who were calling her a drama queen too, claiming that she has to "look good" otherwise she is blasted on social media because of what "she used to look like".

Am I the only one who doesn't think her make-up looks bad?!

Rachel Andrews

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