Stop whatever it is that you're doing right now. How would you like to go to New York for cheap?

I know, I can already hear you laughing at me. It's cross-atlantic, I get it. But seriously, there's a way you can fly on over to the Big Apple for less than £100.

Budget airline Wow Air has announced it is selling one-way flights from London Stansted to JFK International in New York for as low as £99 ($130).

The price is less than the tax on the flight and the low-cost carrier said it is 'essentially paying for passengers to fly' after announcing it was beginning a new service to the Big Apple. Well, I already like this company VERY much.

Credit: WOW

The UK has the highest taxes on airfares in the world, so this means that at its lowest price-point, the journey is £24 cheaper than the cost of tax alone. How weird is that to think?!

The fares are now on sale for the new route that begins April 2018.

There's one catch however, all flights have to go via Reykjavik in Iceland, rather than direct, and the no-frills airline charges customers extra for all the usual perks of a long-haul flight.

Passengers are encouraged to bring their own food and drinks, and to download films and TV shows onto an iPad or laptop as in-flight entertainment. Which, to be fair, is probably better than having to watch some terrible straight-to-DVD romantic comedy anyway.

If you're planning of flying with them, you should probably also be aware that you can only take a small carry-on bag - weighing a maximum of 10 kg - on board for free. You then have to pay more for heavier luggage, but that normally tends to be the way when it comes to cheaper flights.

So what are you doing? Grab your BFF, your Mum, Sister/Brother, Nan, Deborah from down the street. Whoever would make the most of shopping in Macy's with you, and get nabbing those flights before they all disappear!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram newyorkcity

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