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​Apple AirPods Feature Allows People To Eavesdrop On Conversations

A newly uncovered Apple AirPods feature allows people to eavesdrop on your conversations and vice versa.

Apple has a feature on the earphones - originally aimed at helping those who are hard of hearing - that can be used to listen in.


If you are using the latest operating system, then all you need to do is set up Live Listen in your settings before turning the volume up on the phone's microphone.

If you use the Live Listen feature, you can leave your phone in different locations and listen to everything happening around it using your AirPods.

The feature works up to 15m away as well as through walls.

If you have an iWatch, it will also work for you - let's face it, it's a lot easier to leave your watch lying around and not raise suspicions.

Live Listen only appears when AirPods are connected, and appears as an ear symbol in the same drop-down menu as the flashlight and screen recorder.


Live Listen can work through walls and up to 15 metres away. (Credit: Apple)
Live Listen can work through walls and up to 15 metres away. (Credit: Apple)

The user can increase or decrease the sensitivity of their phone's microphone to pick up as much or as little sound as they want.

Despite being created to help those hard of hearing, Twitter users are both amazed and worried by the feature.

One user wrote: "Oh dear, I hope Apple do something about this Live Listen feature being able to eavesdrop soon!"

Another added: "Apple is definitely being messy with the LiveListen feature."

A third said: "Apple really trying to ruin relationships with the "LiveListen" feature."

Featured Image Credit: Apple

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