Women Are Sharing Stories On Twitter Of Becoming 'Exclusive' With Their Partners And It's Painful

Women - and a few men - have been sharing their painfully awkward stories on Twitter of the discussions they had with their partners about becoming 'exclusive'.

The cringe-worthy thread was sparked by model, author, TV host and social media queen Chrissy Teigen, who said on Twitter: "I haven't dated for a long, long time but are guys really pulling the 'let's be exclusive' thing 6 months into dating like what, I have been exclusive what the f*** have you been."

The post from 33-year-old Teigen, who married musician John Legend in Italy in 2013, ignited a flurry of responses from unlucky daters who were left red-faced by partners who revealed they'd been sleeping with other people.

One female Twitter user said: "I've been dating someone for two years. A few weeks ago, he said we were 'casual' and 'still getting to know each other'."

Meanwhile, LA-based YouTuber Alivia Marie added: "I spent 4 and a half months basically living with someone and traveling together and on our last trip he told me he felt 'neutral' towards me and he was talking to his ex again so like... it's rough out here."

And New York writer Adam Stovall said: "[I] took my last girlfriend out for our anniversary, and learned she felt it was our 6-month mark..."

This inspired THE perfect gif reaction from Chrissy.

Twitter user Lou added: "Dated some girls who I thought we were getting exclusive and then they flip out once I asked about it. Unfortunately guys do it more, but girls do it too. Dating sucks."

And when someone replied to Chrissy with: "Wow, this is the worst John Legend subtweet ever" the model and mother-of-two shot back with the most hilarious comeback...

But things haven't always been plain sailing for Chrissy and John; in an interview with The Guardian in 2017, John admitted that he almost broke things off with his now-wife... only to be told otherwise by Chrissy.

"I was really stressed and busy," John said. "I was just like: 'I'd just be happier single right now,' and she was like: 'No'."

Good luck out there, daters!

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