Meet Joyce Williams, The 83-Year-Old Blogging About Her Sex Life

Think that women lose their sex drive when they reach a certain age? Think again, because 83-year-old blogger Joyce Williams is here to distill the myth that pensioners can't get it on under the sheets.

"Sex toys are great for older people, and sex in your later years is very sensual - much less acrobatics and thrust stuff," she writes in her blog Grandma Williams. "We have lots of time to caress, stroke and give each other pleasure. And it is very nice to have something to add to that recipe."

That might not be something you expect a grandmother in her eighties to admit, but as Joyce points out, the stereotyping of older people isn't helpful to anyone because getting old is perfectly normal and is "nothing to fear."

Joyce first launched her website after joining a 'blogging class' which she admits was full of people half her age and younger. When discussing what everyone would be choosing to write about, the topic of sex and relationships often came up, but many of Joyce's classmates felt they couldn't discuss sex in front of her.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

Speaking on This Morning, Joyce said: "I said, 'Why are you looking at me as if it's embarrassing to talk about sex in front of me? Don't you think we have sex at 80?' And they were floored and said, 'Well, you should talk about that!'

"So, I decided I would risk it and put a blog out."

In fact, not only does Joyce want people to know that older couples don't lose their sexual desires, but she even says their experiences get even better with time.

In a recent post, she wrote: "For the young sex gets mixed up with love, lust and thrust. As it should. That is what hormones do to humans, get us to pair up and breed. But when you are older you have got past that. Then the other lovely elements of a good sex life come into their own, and if anything, get better and better."

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

After opening up about the often taboo topic, Joyce revealed the positive feedback she'd had from her friends, who told her: "So glad you said it, it needs saying!"

Joyce finished the interview with a powerful message, telling hosts Holly Willoughby an Philip Schofield: "Later years are greater years."

If that's not an inspiration then we don't know what is. What an incredible woman.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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