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Man Has Perfect Response After Woman Asks How People Deal With Not Being Pretty

A man on Reddit had the perfect response to a woman who asked how people deal with not being pretty by explaining the realities of falling in love.

Posting on the thought sharing platform, a woman who described herself as 'ugly' asked other users how to deal with not being attractive to men.

She wrote: "I am not pretty, and I never will be. I can wear make up, do my hair, wear a lovely dress and heels and I'll never look like a 9/10.


"I know it shouldn't bother me but it does- I want to be beautiful, and I get so jealous that these other girls are born pretty. How do you deal with not being attractive to most men?"

She also asked how to learn to love yourself, and added that she often blames everything negative on her looks.

Plenty of users offered advice on self-love and explained that beauty means different things to different individuals, but one comment in particular really struck a chord with people.

Reddit user savageHenry0311 had a very touching message to share with the original poster, as he explained how men fall in love with someone.

Just to let you know - you're going to need some tissues for this.


The Reddit user had the response anyone would love to hear. (Credit: Pexels)
The Reddit user had the response anyone would love to hear. (Credit: Pexels)

He started by explaining how he wasn't trying to discount how the original poster felt, but that he wanted to let her into a man's head as he is falling in love with a woman.

"Sometimes, a guy will meet a gal and think nothing of it. Maybe she's a co-worker, classmate, or his buddy's friend. She gets mentally categorised as 'Female, acquaintance, feelings neutral'. Then, he gets to know her better," he began explaining.

He continued: "If they mesh personality-wise, something fascinating happens in the man's mind. He starts to notice things about her appearance - pleasant things. It starts small - one day he realises he likes looking at the curve of her nose, or where her ear lobe meets her face."

The user explained that it starts with the little things. (Credit: Pexels)
The user explained that it starts with the little things. (Credit: Pexels)

He added: "Then, one day, she hugs him goodbye and he can't stop thinking about it. He plays it over and over in his head.

"He finds these little mental movies of her playing unbidden when he's driving somewhere, squeezing out his other usual daydreams."

These flashbacks and 'mental movies' make the man realise that whenever he looks at her 'he feels good' the user explained.

He added: "It's like she's gradually turned from a black and white photo into a 3D colour movie with surround sound - a perfect movie that makes him feel good.

"He starts wondering what he can do to keep her around, to make her happy. He realises that he likes looking at her more than any other human being in the world.

"To him, she is perfect and beautiful." Are you sobbing yet because we are?

The user then went on to explain that it isn't about a man seeing a woman objectively and that he doesn't see what the woman sees in a mirror, he simply sees someone 'beautiful, perfect, and sublime'.

He sued the example of how an older couple look at each other even after decades together. (Credit: Pexels)
He sued the example of how an older couple look at each other even after decades together. (Credit: Pexels)

He then used the example of an older couple, writing: "Go watch a happy old couple that's been married for decades. Watch the man's eyes.

"If you're paying close enough attention, you can almost see the filter click on when his gaze settles on her. In that moment, he's not seeing the same frumpy empty nester that you or I see - he's seeing something wonderful.

"No sh*t. If I hadn't lived this stuff, I wouldn't believe it either. But it's true."

The comment received hundreds of replies, with many stating that your partner is the most beautiful person in the world - no matter how they think they may look.

One user wrote: "I want to tell you that I've been with my significant other for 19 years and he always says that I'm beautiful.

"I know that I am not (he gets upset when I call him a sweet liar), but now I understand that that doesn't matter. He believes it and that's all that matters. I don't think I ever really got that before. He believes I am beautiful. Wow. Thanks for that."

Another added: "My girlfriend will never say that she's pretty. She sees that she's short, a little heavier than she'd like, her belly isn't flat.

"She has a few small scars, hard feet, a bad knee. But I fell in love at first sight and it hasn't changed. She's gorgeous and I don't have to lie when I tell her that she's the most beautiful girl.

"Obviously I'm aware of the slight bias but at the same time I completely believe it. It's just how it works!"


Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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