Durex's New Advert Is Standing Against Women Putting Up With Painful Sex

Durex's new advert is taking a stand against women putting up with painful sex, and we are absolutely here for it.

The ad begins by pointing out that women are making their voices heard, before questioning why they are still putting up with uncomfortable and painful sex?

Generally speaking, Durex adverts tend to feature couples experiencing intense joint orgasms with complete ease, but as most women know, that's often not the case.

In a clever marketing ploy for lube, the condom brand highlights that a woman's natural lubrication can change based on her cycle, which is why no one should ever feel embarrassed about using a little help.

It goes without saying that Durex is trying to sell a product, but the brand has made a good point and it's about time we started talking about it.

Credit: Havas London
Credit: Havas London

Thinking about the changes in a woman's cervical mucus might not be the biggest turn on for everyone, but if educating people on it helps remove the stigma around using additional lubrication then we are absolutely here for it.

Although the advert appears to be appealing to the younger market, lube is also handy for women who are going through the menopause or have been through it already as they may experience vaginal dryness.

Credit: Havas London
Credit: Havas London

Obviously, lube can also be great for adding a bit of spice into the bedroom as the condom brand offers up everything from Naturals Intimate Gel to Intense Orgasmic Gel. What better way to add a little excitement on a Tuesday night?

The more we're able to talk about sex in a free and often in a humorous way, then the more likely we are to have pleasurable experiences.

Credit: Durex
Credit: Durex

Anyone experiencing pain during sex even after implementing lube in the bedroom should visit their GP who can look into what's causing the problem.

Featured Image Credit: Havas London

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