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American Woman Vows Never To Date British Men Saying They're 'Too Short' And 'Drink Too Much'

An American woman has vowed never to date British men, dubbing them 'short,' 'out of shape' and even 'functioning alcoholics.'

Jenny Jacobs, 37, from Cincinnati, Ohio - now married to a fellow American - also cited the binge-drinking culture and 'bad teeth' in her reasons for steering clear of male British suitors.

The American said she doesn't find British men attractive. Credit: Jenny Jacobs
The American said she doesn't find British men attractive. Credit: Jenny Jacobs


"From my five years on Beautiful People [a dating app], I'd say Brits are up there with Russian men as the ugliest men on the app," Jenny told The Sun.

Insisting she hasn't always found Brits unattractive, Jenny flew to the UK six years ago to meet a man she'd been speaking to from Brentwood, Essex.

"We'd been chatting for two months and he suggested I fly over for four days," she recalled. "He was awesome, he planned tours for us to do, but physically I didn't find him attractive.

"When we went out to bars, I noticed a lot of the guys weren't physically fit.

Jenny Jacobs
Jenny Jacobs

"A lot of them had bad teeth. They tend to be short and stocky framed, not tall and broad shouldered like the German frame. Some of them were really ignorant too.


"Maybe it's the food which I didn't really like. A lot of it was pub food like fish and chips. I'm not about carbs, bread, desserts, it's just different.

Jenny's comments come as the Beautiful People app - that claims to be the largest dating network of exclusively attractive singles - revealed only 8 per cent of British men have their applications accepted.

"My main issues with British guys are height, teeth and fitness. A lot of Brits I saw on Beautiful People were really short or my height - I'm 5ft 9in. I didn't even look at a lot of their bios because I wasn't physically attracted to them," she added.

Jenny with her husband Justin
Jenny with her husband Justin

The nation's fondness for a pint was another turn-off for Jenny. "Alcohol is a big thing in England. There's a lot of pubs, a lot of drinking.

"If you get wasted every day, or you get drunk every day, maybe you're a functioning alcoholic. It's a little much," she continued.

Two years after deciding to steer clear of British men altogether, Jenny met the man of her dreams - Justin Hopkins, now 29, a medical researcher, following her 15 years in the dating game.

The couple now have two children together - Xavier, three months, and a two-year-old daughter called Miracle.

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Amber Ascroft

Amber is a freelance beauty editor and lifestyle journalist. She's written for the likes of STYLIST, Red, Harper's Bazaar, Mail Online and Good Housekeeping and starred on ITV's This Morning.

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