BMW Drivers Have Been Voted The Rudest UK Road Users

Who knew that the kind of car you drive directly correlates with what kind of personality you have? No-one. Because it's obviously not true. Yeah, some drivers may fall into the 'stereotypical' idea of what we expect they look like as a result of their car. But I can't help it if I inherited my nan's Ford Escort.

Well anyway, apparently us Brits really can't get away from judging a book by its cover as BMW drivers are judged to be the most selfish drivers in the UK. So if you drive one, sort it out.

A study of over 2,000 drivers conducted by Vantage Leasing found that 56 percent of motorists thought that owners of the German-made BMW M3 need to check their manners.

The BMW M3 Sedan - a car driven by dickheads, apparently. Credit: PA
The BMW M3 Sedan - a car driven by dickheads, apparently. Credit: PA

Drivers of flashy Range Rovers came a close second in the crass list with 48 percent of voters believing them to fall short in the manners department, while owners of the sporty Audi TT finished third with 43 percent.

Surprisingly, the Ford Transit van - often associated with inconsiderate drivers - only finished fifth in the poll with only 36 percent of pollers saying its owners were the least polite. A boost for the white van man, then.

Elsewhere in the poll, results were a little more predictable as London motorists were voted the rudest drivers in the country. Yeah, totally unsurprised by that.

Meanwhile, Welsh drivers were found to be the friendliest, followed by those in Yorkshire and Scotland.

The study also made clear how much Brits f*cking love their cars, as it found that the average driver will spend almost £19,000 ($25,639) modifying their motor during their lifetime.

Over 60 percent of motorists even claimed their car had a personality, while 53 percent admitted to giving it a name. People are weird sometimes.

Luke Hales, general manager of Dave, said: "Our affinity and love for cars means we love to give a personal touch to our motors, whether it's a human name that brings out the personality, a custom modification or pampering and tinkering with the body work and engine."

People who drive Ford Transit vans aren't so bad after all. Credit: PA
People who drive Ford Transit vans aren't so bad after all. Credit: PA

People who drive Ford Transit vans aren't so bad after all.

It's fair to say, with the results of this poll, that BMW drivers are getting a nailing of late. Just last month they were called 'smarmy businessmen', a slander sitting alongside 'holier-than-thou Prius drivers' and 'reckless Subaru boy-racers'.

According to the Independent, a study conducted by One Poll found that judgy motorists are quick to jump to conclusions about the drivers of other cars while denying they fit the stereotype associated with their own motor.

"Whether accurate or not, the type of car we drive is seen to portray a great deal about our personality on the roads," said James Buttrick, a spokesman for Vantage Leasing who commissioned the One Poll study.

"The next time you find yourself in need of a new car, it might be worth considering the stereotype associated with each brand before making your final decision."

Of course, if you're a BMW driver, you probably don't give a toss anyway.

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