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You Can Save Up £1,496 In A Year With This Easy Money Challenge

Hands up who didn't follow through with their 2018 new year's resolutions? Thought so.

Whether you're vowing to hit the gym every day of the week or cut out carbs completely this time around, sometimes our resolutions are simply a tad unrealistic.


But this simple money saving hack has gone viral as it will help you to save almost £1,500 in 2019 - perfect if you have vowed to get better with money in 2019.

The 365-Day Money Challenge created by Apartment Therapy will see you accumulate exactly £1,496 in a year without really trying.

This hack sees you put away small amounts every day, which you will hardly notice. Plus, you'll have a decent bit of dollar by the end of the year.

You'll accumulate almost £1,500 in a year. Credit: PA Images
You'll accumulate almost £1,500 in a year. Credit: PA Images

Starting on a Sunday (or any day that you like), put away £1. On Monday (or the next day) put away £2, Tuesday £3, Wednesday £4, and so on, up until Saturday where you put away £7.

Once you've got to the last day of the week, you start the next day again by putting away £1.


In total, you'll be putting away £28 per week - a figure you could just put to the side on a weekly basis if you prefer.

This money saving hack isn't the only one of its kind, as there's also the 52-week challenge.

On week one of the year, you put away a quid. On week two, save £2 and so on. However, this hack will see you save slightly less with a yearly total of £1,378.

There's a number of other money saving challenges you can try too. Credit: PA Images
There's a number of other money saving challenges you can try too. Credit: PA Images

By the time you get to December - a month which is notoriously expensive with Christmas parties and presents - you'll be forking out around £50 a week.

Website PlayPennies has another easy way to save a bit of cash too. It works by putting away one penny on the first day of 2019 and adding an extra penny to that until the last day.

It might not sound like much, but you'll have saved up almost £700 by the end of the year.

On 1st January, you should put away 1p, and on the 31st you'll put away £3.65, giving you £667.95.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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