​Women Are Sharing Pictures Of Their Food Babies On Twitter

Women have been sharing pictures of their 'food babies' on Twitter to embrace bloating and open up the conversation surrounding it.

It's likely that everyone has experienced bloating after eating, and for a large portion of us it happens on a regular basis.

But now women are embracing their so-called food babies and the fact we often undo a button after eating by sharing their own pictures on Twitter.

The thread began after one woman shared a snap of her own food baby, and asked if anyone else experienced the same thing.

Twitter user @itsjustfatimah captioned the picture: "I can't be the only one that gets extremely bloated and starts imagining myself being pregnant?"

Fatimah Waheed then shared a picture of herself once the bloating had gone down and asked other women to embrace their food babies and share them.

And the women of Twitter didn't let us down.

One user wrote: "I've been waiting for this moment," along with a picture of her own bloated stomach.

Another added: "These food babies are intense!" A third user wrote: "Girl you're not the only one, I do it too."

Some Twitter users also praised the thread for highlighting how normal bloating is. One woman wrote: "I'm glad this is normal."

A second wrote: "I love this thread of happy and fed women."

Even the original poster praised the women sharing pictures of their food baby. She wrote: "I love the replies!

"I'm so glad bloating is normalised, f*ck anyone that said my bloating wasn't normal lmao it very much is."

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Fatimah said: "I had just finished eating a bunch of wasabi while watching anime and I realised how bloated I was and I thought it would be funny to share how bloated women can get.

"I wasn't that surprised because I know if I get extremely bloated loads of other women would too and it's nice to know other women get as bloated as I do and pretend to be pregnant!

"It's 2019 and I feel like more women are becoming more accepting about the 'flaws' in our bodies and we're embracing while also making light of it as well and I love it."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@itsjustfatimah/@valeriesolorios

Bethany Gleave

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