Random Man Slides Into Woman’s DMs And Books Her A Holiday

A woman has revealed that she is going on a spontaneous five-day holiday to Tenerife - with a man she's never met who slid into her DMs.

Shannon O'Doherty, who lives in London, is planning on taking the impromptu trip on Sunday, 24th February 2019.

The post about the trip for two, which cost the mystery man £886, has now gone viral with more than 3,000 likes and retweets.

Shannon is jetting off to enjoy some Spanish sun. Credit: Pexels
Shannon is jetting off to enjoy some Spanish sun. Credit: Pexels

Shannon explained that she posted about needing a break on Twitter, only for a stranger to drop her a message offering the Spanish getaway.

"So a couple of days ago I said I need a holiday and a random guy came in my dms and said let's go and I joked and replied yes," she wrote on Twitter.

Trusting Shannon, who says she is planning on meeting up with the holiday partner before going on the trip, then gave over her details and - to her surprise - the final arrangements were completed.

"[I] gave all my details over and now a holiday is booked in February... with a complete stranger!!!!!!" she said.

Shannon added: "I knew I was mad but never this mad."

Commenters were divided on whether Shannon's spontaneity was admirable - or perhaps a little risky.

"I'm not sure what's more surprising, the fact he's actually booked it or the fact you're going along with it," one commenter said. "But obviously be careful and tell your family and friends where you're going/staying etc."

"Be safe and make sure you have your own money to come back should things get rocky!" another commenter helpfully advised.

Some were fully behind the plan, however, including one person who wrote: "All these people saying no, good for you for doing it, people need a bit of faith in humanity. I'd happily go on a holiday with someone I didn't know."

Let's hope Shannon has a lovely time - and we could certainly use a sunny getaway too if anyone is offering!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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