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Royal Baby's Biggest Fan Gives Hilarious Interview Following Birth Announcement

Yesterday we were treated to the good news that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world - and it seems no one was more enthusiastic about the day's events than one royal fan.

A hilarious Sky News interview has been circulating online with the subject offering her take on the royal baby hysteria.

The unnamed woman, who was picked by Sky reporter Katerina Vittozzi to answer some questions about the birth, explained that she had travelled to Windsor from Wales by chance that day, before the news that the Duchess had gone into labour had emerged.


Clutching two balloons in the shape of babies, the woman was first asked what gender she thought the baby would be. Pointing to her balloons, she said: "They do sell Afro-American babies now, of ethnic minorities."

Next, the eccentric royalist was probed on how long she thought Meghan's labour would take, to which she comically replied: "I've no idea, I've never been been in labour. I've only voted Labour."

Finally, the woman explained she thought Meghan and Harry were having twins (hence the two balloons), pointing to them and saying: "Somebody sabotaged my twin while I've been absent! When I went to the ladies loo."

The footage has since been doing the rounds online with some hailing the interview the best royal baby interview ever - and we're inclined to agree.


The new royal was born on Monday morning at 5.26am, weighing 7lbs 3oz. The baby is the seventh in line to the throne.

Prince Harry confirmed the safe arrival of the baby later that day, saying that they were yet to choose a name for their little one.

He told reporters: "We have a very healthy boy. Mother and baby are doing incredibly well. It has been the most amazing experience I could have ever possibly imagined.

"How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension. I'm absolutely thrilled and so grateful for all the love and support out there. It has been amazing."

Featured Image Credit: Sky News

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Ciara Sheppard

Ciara is a freelance journalist working for Pretty 52. After graduating from the University of Sussex, Ciara worked as a writer at GLAMOUR Magazine and later as the Assistant Editor of Yahoo Style UK.

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