New Mums Will No Longer Be Made To Feel Guilty For Bottlefeeding

New mums will no longer be made to feel guilty for bottle feeding their newborns according to a new policy by The Royal College of Midwives.

Mums who decide to bottle feed their babies will now be offered the same support as mums who decide to breastfeed their babies, as part of the new guidelines.

The policy shift comes as the Royal College of Midwives acknowledges that many women aren't able to breastfeed, while others simply don't want to. The new guidelines say that midwives must respect whichever feeding method the mum chooses.

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Previously, the college has urged midwives to encourage new mums to exclusively breastfeed during the first six months, however only a third of new mums have been able to achieve this target according to NHS figures.

Now, it is claimed that the 'breast is best' approach endorsed by both the NHS and the World Health Organisation is making some new mums feel inadequate.

Mums who want to breastfeed but aren't able to are said to be up to two-and-a-half times more likely to suffer from post-natal depression as a result of feeling inadequate.

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Gill Walton from the college said that the new guidelines were in place to encourage new mums not to feel guilty if they can't or choose not to breastfeed.

She explained: "We want to respect women's choices and make sure they have the right information and support to either mixed-feed their babies or formula feed their babies.

"We would focus on the risks and benefits of both breastfeeding and formula feeding - and help them do that - rather than say 'Oh, this mother's decided to formula feed, we're not going to help her'.

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"That's not right. Women have reported to us that sometimes the advice and support has been lacking to formula feed or they can't breastfeed.

"There's something about encouraging parents to positively parent and bond with their baby and not feel guilty about the feeding choice they've made," the Daily Mail reports.

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