New Device Claims To 'Switch Off' Period Pains But It Isn't Cheap

We've all been there - hunched around a hot water bottle, popping paracetamol and eating copious amounts of chocolate in the hopes that something will get rid of the awful stomach cramps.

Well, there's a new device on the market and it's claiming to 'switch off' the agonising menstrual cramps and the reviews are so good.

Credit: Livia
Credit: Livia

Livia is a device that can be worn for up to 10 hours at a time and uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to send a current through the skin and block the pain signals.

The incredible invention is very similar to a mini TENS machine which is used to stem the pain during labour, however the Livia uses the right kind of electrical pulses to "close the nerve-gate" and therefore block the pan caused specifically by menstrual cramps.

Credit: Livia
Credit: Livia

To attach the Livia, you need to stick two stickers where the pain is and turn the device on - then simply wait for it to save you from dreaded mother nature.

If the machine doesn't quite hit the spot, you can adjust the strength of the pulses to make sure your painful cramps are a thing of the past.

Credit: Livia
Credit: Livia

It comes in a colourful box including a cover the for device, a USB charging cable, a travel case, one set of Livia flower pads and a three-month supply of Livia gel pads.

The device costs £149, but is currently on sale with 20 per cent off at £119, including a two year warranty and a 120 day money back guarantee if you aren't 100 per cent satisfied with the product.

Yep, it's definitely not the cheapest thing in the world - but if you factor in all those months of buying paracetamol, ibuprofen, heat pads and chocolate, it could definitely be considered as a good investment.

One to add to the Christmas list, perhaps?

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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