This Man Just 'Mansplained' What A Vagina Is And The Internet Is Losing It

The internet can be an incredible place sometimes, and that's exactly what the wonderful people of Twitter proved when one man tried to mansplain the difference between vulvas and vaginas.

When the Guardian shared an article aptly titled Me and my vuvla: 100 women reveal all, one man called Paul Bullen couldn't help but throw his 20p in by replying "The correct word is vagina."

Now, the article - which wasn't pulling any punches when it said reveals all, prompted all kinds of responses, but thousands of people were drawn to Paul's comment, claiming the paper had gotten it all wrong.

When another woman told him: "No it's not. But thanks for the mansplaining on something you obvs know nothing about," he didn't stop there... oh, no.

After going on an epic rant which included Paul admitting he knew that the term vulva was technically correct, he received an absolute schooling from the people of Twitter, and it was nothing short of brilliant.

And that's enough internet for today...

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

Emma Rosemurgey

Emma Rosemurgey is an NCTJ trained Junior Journalist at PRETTY52. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston and started her career in regional newspapers before joining the team in 2017. Contact her on

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