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Dog Who Was Horrifically Abandoned By Cruel Owners Finds Happiness In New Home

Remember the shocking video of an owner abandoning their dog on the side of the road, and driving off despite the dog chasing him? Well, in happy news that gave us all the feels, abandoned Staffordshire bull terrier Snoop is settling happily into his new home.

The heartbreaking CCTV footage showed an owner - so far unidentified - ditching Snoop at the side of a road in Stoke-on-Trent, accompanied only by his bed, and driving off despite the clear distress of the dog, who chased after the car.


Snoop was soon rescued by the RSPCA, and after the harrowing video of his abandonment went viral, a nationwide campaign tried to find his cruel abandoner and to rehome the loving staffie.

Credit: RSPCA
Credit: RSPCA

Now the RSPCA has revealed that Snoop is happily living in a new home with a big garden in Herefordshire with lucky owner Laurence Squire, and that he's settled in wonderfully.

"He is a fantastic dog and he settled in straight away," said Laurence. "As soon as he came into the house for the first time, he jumped on the sofa and it was as though he decided that was the space for him!

Credit: RSPCA
Credit: RSPCA

"He loves to lie on the back of the sofa and if I put the fire on he will curl up in front of it.


"He loves being warm and if he can find his way into a bedroom, you'll find him under the duvet with his head on the pillow."

An RSPCA spokeswoman, Rachel Butler, confirmed that Snoop is feeling much better after suffering with separation anxiety.

"When I visited Snoop in his new home, I could tell straight away that he was in the right place - he and Laurence already have a strong bond and Snoop absolutely dotes on him," Rachel said.

"In the days after his abandonment, Snoop was incredibly nervous and anxious, which is no surprise after what happened to him. But staff at Gonsal Farm worked really hard in building up his confidence and it really paid off. The change in Snoop is massive and we at the RSPCA are so incredibly proud of him.

"His story put into the spotlight the very sad reality of abandonments, something which the RSPCA deals with every day. He was dumped at Christmas, a time of year which we spend with our loved ones, so for something so unloving to happen to him was heartbreaking.

"But the love and attention he is getting now from Laurence is wonderful. Snoop is living like a king."

While thankfully Laurence has given Snoop a second chance at happiness, the search for his original owners is still ongoing, so if you have any information, call the RSPCA's appeals line on 0300 123 8018.

Featured Image Credit: RSPCA

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