Dog Jumps On Viral #TrashTag Challenge In The Sweetest Way

Midge the dog is proving that anyone can get involved with the #TrashTag challenge - a viral trend encouraging people to clear up litter for the sake of our planet.

The pooch's owner Jacqui Glover shared a series of snaps of Midge exchanging discarded plastic bottles and empty cans polluting streets in favour of tasty treats.

"Midge trades trash for treats on his walks. ," the Twitter user shared earlier this week.

The pictures show midge holding a variety of cans and old plastic bottles in his mouth, happily carrying them over to his owner so she can dispose of them properly.

Social media has seen it's fair share of ridiculous viral trends in recent months - The 'Birdbox Challenge', the 'Kiki challenge', 'neknominate' - but the internet has finally come up with a positive one that can truly make a difference.

The 'Trash Challenge' or #TrashTag encourages people around the world to clear away litter from beaches, parks and streets, and call on others to do the same in their own communities.

Originally launched in 2015 by outdoor company UCO Gear as part of a campaign to protect the environment, it's been gaining a lot of momentum in recent days, with thousands of people getting involved and sharing the results of their hard work on social media.

The challenge has gone international too, as it has been translated to #BasuraChallenge in Spain.

And while some of the 'transformations' are impressive, it's also upsetting to see just how much trash litters our planet:

Campaigners hope the challenge will open people's eyes towards the problem of single-use plastic.

"Getting plastic out of the environment is important," Mark Butler, policy director of the Canadian environmental charity Ecology Action Centre (EAC) told Halifax's Star newspaper.

"We need to do more than go behind the people that are littering and clean it up. We need to turn off the plastic tap."

He added: "There's the waste hierarchy, which is to refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle. If we don't do that stuff, then all we'll be doing is cleaning up the litter with no end in sight."

Needless to say, the #TrashTag challenge is still a good start.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images/@wildwhippies

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