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​Dog Goes To The Vets And Thinks She Is Just There For Hugs

A dog who was taken to the vets seemed to think she was just there to receive hugs after she cuddled up to a nurse who was trying to treat her.

None of us like taking our beloved pets to the vets, they don't understand what is going on and we can't tell them that we're just trying to make them better.


A lot of pets try to fight those giving them treatment however this elderly dog thought she was in for a day full of cuddles.

Veterinary nurse nurse Kayleen Campbell posted a series of pictures on Reddit of the dog cuddling up to her while she was trying to treat her.

Kayleen wrote: "We have to hold off the jugular vein after drawing blood, but this sweet old girl thought I was just there for the hugs... this is why I love my job."

Speaking to The Dodo Kayleen explained that she was called in to assist in drawing blood.

The neck is a preferred site for drawing blood as it allows vets to draw blood quickly without sacrificing the veins in the front legs, which may be needed for IV catheters.


Kayleen said this is why she loves her job. (Credit: Reddit/meowpal33)
Kayleen said this is why she loves her job. (Credit: Reddit/meowpal33)

However, the adorable pooch who was around 13 years old couldn't understand why Kayleen was holding her so close but seemed to be enjoying it.

Kayleen said: "Holding the vein off usually only takes a short amount of time, but this sweet old girl kept leaning back into me and thought I was just there to give her love and attention, which I was happy to give.

"I wouldn't say this is a common reaction mostly because a lot of dogs don't want to sit still for a prolonged period of time in a place where so much is going on."

Kayleen was trying to draw blood. (Credit: Reddit/meowpal33)
Kayleen was trying to draw blood. (Credit: Reddit/meowpal33)

The elderly dog distracted Kayleen long enough for her coworker to capture the adorable pictures.

Kayleen admitted that she is always happy to cuddle any animal that needs it.

She said: "Of course some are nervous or scared, in which case I try to be as respectful of their needs as possible.

"But when I see friendly, happy dogs or purring cats, I always make time to give them some attention and love."

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/meowpal33

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