Brave Model Shares Photos Taken After Suicide Attempt With Powerful Message

A model from Perth has penned a heartfelt message to anyone thinking of taking their life, along with a powerful photo of her shortly after a suicide attempt.

Lara Kitchen, 22, lost all her hair to Alopecia aerata at the tender age of 14 and battled depression and anxiety throughout her teenage years.

In 2015, Lara attempted to take her own life twice and was admitted to the intensive care unit and placed in her coma.

Credit: Instagram/Lara Kitchen
Credit: Instagram/Lara Kitchen

Now, the brave woman is sharing a photo of her in hospital, urging anyone who is feeling the same to seek help.

"I am going to share something very personal. This photo was taken whilst I was in ICU in a coma having a breathing machine doing my breathing whilst my body was trying to heal from trying to end my own life," she wrote.

"I saw nothing for my life, I didn't want to be alive anymore, I hated every part of making it through this coma. I saw nothing of my life.

Credit: Instagram/Lara Kitchen
Credit: Instagram/Lara Kitchen

"After coming out of this coma I was moved to a high dependency ward because I was still very sick and weak. During this time I had 1:1 burse and even though at the time I didn't see or want to believe anything she said, she believed that I deserved life, she helped me gain strength to walk again."

The model added that if the 2015 version of herself saw her now, "she wouldn't want to die."

"My family f*cking loves me and it would have broken them all if I didn't make it.

"That's just part of the of the story, but what I'm trying to get at is how important your life is. You are so worthy of life. People love and believe in you. You're strong beyond words.

Credit: Instagram/Lara Kitchen
Credit: Instagram/Lara Kitchen

"I can't emphasise enough that someone will always listen if you speak up. I know for me I wish I had spoke up before ending up where I was. Breaking my family's hearts. Please don't let yourself get o where I was, seek help, you're worthy of help, it's okay to speak up!"

Lara's powerful message came as part of yesterday's suicide prevention day.

Anyone who feels like they need to speak to someone can call Samaritans at any time of day for free on 116 123.

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