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Constance Hall's Post About Motherhood Will Strike A Chord With Parents Everywhere

A mother-of-seven has been praised for her emotional post on Facebook discussing the tough realities of parenthood.

Sharing a photo of herself lying in bed with tears in her eyes, Aussie influencer Constance Hall said she feared "perfect parents" may criticise her for opening up about her struggles but she had reached her breaking point.


Constance explained how she can no longer breastfeed her son Raja and how he will only drink a bottle from her partner Denim Cooke when she's not around, leaving her exhausted and frustrated.

She began the lengthy post: "I woke up this morning and burst into tears.

"Raja is not sleeping. I can't breast feed him anymore because he has chewed my nipples to the point of them bleeding and for weeks I've been calling out in pain when he does.

"So now he sits on my face, hitting my head, crying at me, pulls my hair, yanks at my nose ring, I put him in his cot and he stands there screaming until I cave."

Detailing her struggles, Constance said she spends 10 minutes in the morning fending off nasty comments about her appearance and her family from online trolls.


She continued: "And then the sun comes up. And I look out the window to the sound track of Raja crying and I know I have another sh*t day ahead of me.. trying not to fall asleep at the wheel.

"If I'm lucky I'll have 10 minutes to check my messages, someone says she hates the colour of my hair, someone else asks me if I've gained weight and someone else tells me they think one of my kids has autism.

Adding: "I took on too much Raja was little, I just let him feed all night so I could sleep and wake up and work and look after all these f*cking kids and be the 'supermum' that everyone expected me to be."

Constance knew she had "reached her limit" when she woke up and began crying due to her extreme exhaustion.

Praising her fellow mothers, she shared: "The most underrated, underpaid and undervalued job in the world is that of a mum.

"I personally think you are all doing an amazing job. I value you and if I could I'd pay you, give you sick days, responsible hours and some f*cking sleep."

Fortunately, hundreds of her fans and follower inundated the post with words of encouragement and empathy to help her through the emotional time.

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