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A Ridiculously Long Checklist For A Houseshare In London Has Gone Viral

Choosing the right housemate can be tricky business, but one is determined to get it right - judging by their incredibly long list of requirements for anyone considering moving in.

The extremely long and specific checklist was shared on Twitter by @rxdazn, after a friend found it on flat sharing website

Among the many stipulations, the anonymous housemate has even set a curfew for when any potential new housemates should be allowed to spend time in the house.


"I need you to be out of the flat on week days during normal working hours (9-5) because I work from home 5 days a week and I need the place to myself," the person wrote.

"If you have a proper job, this shouldn't be a problem. Students who go to university on random days for a few hours or stay at home all day long and chill out unfortunately can't live here. I'm not fussy about the weekends, I just want to know you have somewhere to be Mon to Fri from the morning till late afternoon."

And when the potential housemate IS allowed in the house, they're not allowed to spend too much time in the bathroom, because the anonymous poster does not want a housemate who has to 'run to the toilet 15 times a day'.

If you're looking to move into this house, don't even think about 'laughing after 11pm' or 'cooking in this flat before 8.30am and after 11pm.'

Although, we're a little confused as to how someone who is expected to be out the house by 9am, is supposed to eat breakfast if they're not allowed to cook before 8.30am...


In fact, the mysterious housemate doesn't like people 'spending a lot of time cooking in general.

"If you ONLY eat cooked/fried meals because you don't know how to make a sandwich, and you hang around the kitchen for hours a day (and I do mean HOURS) or spend every weekend preparing elaborate meals and baking, etc, this isn't a place for you," they added.

Anyone who's ever lived in a university flat will probably be familiar with the concept of a cleaning rota, but the truth is - not everyone likes them and they don't always work. But, anyone wanting to move into this home will have to get onboard or get out.

"I don't tolerate people who just don't care and who make faces at me when I remind them what they're supposed to be doing. There are some rules we all need to follow."

In fairness, no one could argue they didn't know what they were getting into before they moved into the houseshare.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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