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Woman Shares Adorable Exchange Between Her Husband And Son Who Has ADHD

A young boy has won hearts on Twitter after he texted his dad about his greatest achievement of the day: getting dressed all by himself.

In the conversation discovered by his mum, seven-year-old Grayson, from Alabama, sent his father a mirror selfie dressed in his trousers and a shirt, proudly stating "I got dressed all by my self" [sic]. His father replied, "You did a great job buddy," to which Grayson said: "Thanks bud".


The adorable exchange was shared on Twitter by Grayson's mum, Ashley James, who wrote: "Found these messages my son sent to my husband today."

When you're a child, you have to take pride in the small things, but this is especially true for Grayson who suffers from autism and ADHD.

In a follow-up tweet, the proud mum explained: "A little more about him since this got popular. His name is Grayson. He's 7 & has Autism/ADHD. He learned how to to use buttons/zippers in occupational therapy which is why he's so proud of himself for getting dressed. "

Grayson was diagnosed with autism when he was just four and ADHD when he was five.

Ashley told Pretty52: "Grayson was excited he got dressed by himself because I usually help him put on shirts like that, shirts with buttons.


"He's been able to put on shirts by himself for a while but not shirts with a lot of buttons like that. I think he was also proud of himself for picking out his own outfit since usually his dad or I pick out outfits for him."

Credit: Ashley James
Credit: Ashley James

Naturally, Grayson won a legion of fans in the Twittersphere with thousands retweeting and liking his achievement.

"I posted it to Twitter because I thought it was cute," Ashley told us. "I didn't expect much of a reaction at all. I didn't have a lot of followers before this and didn't usually get more than a few likes on my tweets. I absolutely never expected it to go viral."

"Not to be dramatic but I love him with all my heart," one user gushed.

"He's so adorable, and his response of 'thanks bud' to his dad made me die laughing," another tweeted.

"Not to be dramatic but I love him with all my heart," one said.

"This is so beautiful and he just lit up my. Thank you for sharing your lil light with us. He's an Angel," another wrote.

One Twitter user related, writing: "My son has autism/ADHD as well and I love reading the texts he sends family members."

Nice work, Grayson!

Featured Image Credit: Ashley James

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