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Woman Calls Out Tinder Match Who Sent Vile Messages And Asked If She Was 'The Fat One'

Tinder is a place of two outcomes: you'll either swipe right on the love of your life and the rest is history, or you'll be left with a refreshed disappointment at the state of mankind.

The latter is what one woman felt when she received fatphobic comments by a man - said in the loosest sense of the word - on the app.

It all started when Emily Langsdon from Essex received a message from a guy (who we can only speculate as to why is single) after she had matched with him.


Credit: Courtesy
Credit: Courtesy

Opening with a cheesy chat up line, he said: "I'm jealous of your heart. It's pumping inside you and I'm not."

Ew, we think you'll agree.

Not impressed, but keeping things polite, Emily replied: "Well that was different."

The charmer then followed up by calling Emily a "sl*g" before offering a sarcastic apology, blaming the slur on his teddy bear, Olaf.

But it appears the Tinder match was only just starting, as when Emily confirmed she was the one in her photos with blue hair, he asked: "What the fat one?"


Responding to his vile comment, Emily said: "Wow, you're a delight aren't you?"

The user, no: "Bet you like angel delight you fat c***".

Emily posted screenshots of the conversation on Twitter, writing: "Get yourself a boy off tinder who talks to you like this. Oh Matt, you're cancelled x."

Naturally, the people of Twitter rushed to her support. One quite rightly wrote: "Absolutely disgusting."

"Nothing wrong with Angel Delight either?! I maybe 22 but it's just as good as it was when I was a kid," another use added.

"Opening line is funny fair play, the rest is a shambles," a third added.

"I apologise on behalf of all Matts," another wrote in reference to the man's name.

We've got a sneaky suspicion someone was feeling a feeling a bit burnt by Emily's initial snub. Lucky escape we say, Emily!

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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Ciara Sheppard

Ciara is a freelance journalist working for Pretty 52. After graduating from the University of Sussex, Ciara worked as a writer at GLAMOUR Magazine and later as the Assistant Editor of Yahoo Style UK.

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