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Boy Leaves Sweet 'Does It Matter?' Note On Scales For Mum Who Weighs Herself Every Day

A self-conscious mum was left a sweet note from her son, who noticed she was weighing herself every day, asking her if the scales "mattered?".

Mother-of-two Kelly McCarron, who hails from Perth, Australia, underwent a fitness overhaul and changed her diet in a bid to lose weight, along with her husband, Ruairi, 37.

The 35-year-old said she often eats for comfort and steps on the scales more than she should - but her son Jack, 12, has changed her feelings towards them and her view of fitness.


Kelly said: "My husband and I have been trying to get fit since January, Ruairi has lost nine kilos but I haven't.

Kelly's 12-year-old son Jack left her a note on the scale. Credit: Caters News
Kelly's 12-year-old son Jack left her a note on the scale. Credit: Caters News

"I used to weigh 55kg but now currently weigh 64kg so I've put on 9kg in the last two odd years which I understand isn't obese but I would like to get back to my old self.

"I am pretty hard on myself but when you have two children to look after, you end up putting yourself last.

Adding: "Jack and Ayla, eight, were being super helpful around the house last week which I found strange as they have never done this before.

"But I thought I will enjoy it whilst I can, and then the following day I saw a piece of paper on the scales, I was going to throw it in the bin.


She continued: "It read 'does it matter?' and I then realised, it absolutely doesn't - I noticed that I would mainly weigh myself when I am not feeling great about myself.

"I have decided to keep the message on the scales and monitor my weight by taking pictures of myself to see the progression rather than religiously weighing myself.

"Sometimes my daughter steps on and copies me and I tell her immediately to get off and remind her she doesn't need to weigh herself. The note from Jack made me realise, I should take my own advice and stop it also."

Kelly has been trying to lose weight. Credit: Caters News
Kelly has been trying to lose weight. Credit: Caters News

Kelly was so touched by her son's note she shared a photo of the message on Facebook, which garnered over 1,100 likes.

She added: "I asked Jack why he wrote it and he said to be nice, but secretly I think it is because he wants a new Nintendo game.

"Either way, his note really has helped me feel better about myself, I don't need to lose weight it is just a healthier life I am after.

"So there is no need for me to beat myself up and step on the scales daily - I shared the picture online because I thought there might be another woman out there who needed to see it."

Featured Image Credit: Caters News

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