Get The Sun Cream Out: We're Headed For A Heatwave

Britain is ready for a roasting as we're about to experience the hottest summer on record in the last 12 years.

Temperatures are set to soar to a whopping 33C, sparking fears about a potential drought across the country.

Along with the warmer weather, the country's been seeing less rainfall than usual, attributing to worries over water levels.

Some areas are already being affected by the changes in the climate and lack of rain - some parts of the Lake District are reportedly drying up, and the Thirlmere Reservoir is experiencing worryingly low water levels.


The heat is expected to hit sooner rather than later, as a sub-tropical air from the Azores will bring the temperature soaring to 23C in the south of the country this week.

The Weather Company is predicting highs of up to 33C towards the end of June - if this actually happens, we'll be celebrating the hottest summer since back in 2006.

Brian Gaze, Weather Outlook forecaster, said: "The warmest summer since 2006 is a possibility, after recent years saw a series of disappointing summers."

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

The Met Office records tell us that the average British summer takes us to around 14C, and if we do hit 33C it'll be even higher than Spain's average summer temperature.

It is not all going to be sun and games though. With such high temperatures we're sure to see some monsoon-like weather, with lots of sporadic but heavy rainfall over the coming weeks.

The weather should stay perfect for the summer's big events like the World Cup and Wimbledon.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Or you know, staying inside and watching telly with a tan to rival the Love Island contestants. Whatever floats your boat.

The heatwave is supposed to last from June to August, so get the factor 50 ready.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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