This Two-Ingredient Cleaning Hack Makes Filthy Ovens Sparkle For Just £1.60

When it comes to chores we hate, cleaning the oven comes in at top spot - so it's not surprising that this mum had procrastinated over cleaning hers. What is surprising is that, after nine years without so much as a scrub, it came up this clean in no time using a £1.60, two-ingredient combo.

Credit: Facebook/Mums Who Clean
Credit: Facebook/Mums Who Clean

Posting on the 9.5k-member Mums Who Clean Facebook page, the mum showed off the remarkable results of a two-step trick she'd picked up from other cleaning fans.

She wrote in the post: "I had cleaned my oven only once in 9 years! Joined this group about a week ago and look what happened.

Credit: Facebook/Mums Who Clean
Credit: Facebook/Mums Who Clean

"I used bi carb and vinegar and a nylon scouring pad in side the oven and the door and the racks I soak in the bath tub with dishwasher tablet wrapped in foil."

As well as leaving her formerly dirty oven door gleaming (no judgement, she shared a photo), the two-ingredient acidic solution - effectively cleaned the oven while it was still warm.

The woman explained that she removed the racks from inside the oven and soaked them in the bathtub with a dishwasher tablet to get rid of pesky oil stains.

Unsurprisingly, her fellow group members and cleaning fans were blown away by the sparkling results and were quick to give their opinions on the clever hack.

One commented: "oh beautiful! I bet that feels amazing!"

While another said: "Amazing! Well done! Plus no overpowering oven cleaner required! I hate that stuff - it restricts my breathing."

All were united in hating this seemingly innocent cleaning task: "I'm part-way through cleaning mine. I will be super happy it mine turns out as clean as yours!"

Fancy having a go yourself? You can recreate this cleaning hack for as little as £1.59 using Mrs Hinch-favourite Star Drops White Vinegar Spray and ASDA's own-brand bicarbonate of soda (which Mrs Hinch claims can also clean your mattress).

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Mums Who Clean

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