Mrs Hinch's Tip For Cleaning Carpets Will Banish Dirt You Never Knew Existed

Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch has revealed her top tip for cleaning carpets using one simple tool, and it will unearth dirt you never even knew existed.

Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, uses a window squeegee to scrape the dirt out of her carpets. You don't need any products to do this, just a bit of elbow grease and stamina.

Taking to her Instagram story, Mrs Hinch dragged the scraper across her already pristine carpets, and it pulled up all the masked pet hair, lint and dirt without the need for any chemicals.

Credit: Instagram/Mrs Hinch
Credit: Instagram/Mrs Hinch

The Instagram cleaning sensation, who is currently expecting her first baby, says the hack is especially useful for cleaning the carpet on stairs, which can often collect lots of unwanted dirt despite regular hoovering.

Her followers were quick to try out the hack, and the results the Hinch Army shared all vouch for its effectiveness.

Credit: Instagram/Mrs Hinch
Credit: Instagram/Mrs Hinch

"I'm so shocked at this! I Squeegeed my stairs which I hoovered before this and look at how much fluff I brought up," declared one person.

While somebody else added: "This is my new mate! I keep looking at peoples' carpets now and want to get it out to clean."

Credit: Instagram/Mrs Hinch
Credit: Instagram/Mrs Hinch

This might be one of Mrs Hinch's most affordable 'hinching' hacks yet, as you can pick up a squeegee for as little as £1 from places like Wilko or other home supplies stores.

After her fame and following rocketed last summer, Mrs Hinch has found herself with 1.8 million loyal followers who are obsessed with the tips she shares on Instagram stories.

Sophie originally started the Instagram account dedicated to her home decor in March 2018, but quickly amassed followers with handy tips to keep your home spic and span.

She's so popular that products she uses sell-out withing moments of her recommendation, and she's soon to release her own book on hinching.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Mrs Hinch

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