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This Is Exactly Why You Don't Cry After Getting A Spray Tan

Fake tanning is a risky business. If you don't exfoliate properly beforehand, you can end up looking like a patchwork doll.

And if you don't choose the right shade, you may resemble something more at home in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. (We'll give you a clue, an Oompa Loompa).


More importantly, you should always follow the advice of your spray tanner, and avoid getting your skin wet for a few hours after, whether that's from a shower, the rain or even shedding a few tears.

Despite being a seasoned professional when it comes to getting a spray tan, cheerleader Alex Vinklarek learned the latter the hard way, after crying while watching an emotional puppy video. We know the feeling.

The 17-year-old share the aftermath of her tears on Twitter, in a post which has now gone viral.

"So Tuesday night I went to the tanning salon the get a tan because I have the cheerleading worlds this weekend with the Woodlands elite generals in Orlando," Alex told PRETTY52.

"I only get spray tans before cheer competitions which is like six times a year."


The Houston, Texas native continued: "I'm very aware of what happens when water touches it before you shower it off.

"But after I got sprayed I went in my car and started watching videos on twitter and saw this really heartwarming video of a dog reuniting with its owner.

"I didn't cry much but two drops rolled down each side of my face so I immediately realized and opened my camera to look at it. I saw that I had two streaks and I started bawling my eyes out. So that's when it got really bad."

It all started spiraling downhill when Alex realised that she couldn't stop crying.

"I also kept trying to stop crying but every time I looked at myself I cried more because it looked so awful," she recalled.

"I was going to dinner at the time so when I got to the restaurant I washed my whole face off but some of it had already developed and the next day I had very faint white streaks down my face."

Credit: Alex Vinklarek
Credit: Alex Vinklarek

The cheerleader's friends found the whole thing hilarious, and urged her to post the series of snaps on social media, but Alex wasn't expecting the response to the pictures to be so huge.

If you're wondering whether the teen had to spend the next few days with a streaky complexion, then she actually got another spray tan the next day to fix it.

Remember kids, don't go watching cute doggo videos after a spray tan, or you'll only have yourself to blame.

Featured Image Credit: Alex Vinklarek

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